Employability & Enterprise Skills’ Student Events

Decision making, problem solving, team working, ability to prioritise planning, oral communication, written communication, negotiating, leadership, business awareness, researching information, flexibility, IT skills, literacy, time management, numeracy…these are just some of the skills employers are looking for. In tough times employers are looking for more than qualifications and training. They are looking for the full package!

What can Beacon East do for your students to develop employability & enterprise skills?

Working in partnership with a number of employers, Beacon East can deliver a day long package teaching students about key employability & enterprise skills in a fun and practical way. These days can be used with 25 - 250 students using tried and tested resources developed by teachers for teachers. The events on offer below have been carefully developed in partnership with Magenta and a designate company to create a full day experience inspiring students to think about and develop key employability skills. These resources and challenge events have won IEBE (Institute of Education Business Excellence) awards and have been delivered successfully in schools and colleges across the UK.

Working in partnership with

Royal Mail

Choice of two events:

Event 1 - Royal Mail Business Enterprise & Employability Skills Challenge

This student challenge event involves activities designed to engender some of the skills and understanding required to flourish in the work place. The core of the project has been designed as the framework for an enterprise day; it uses the simple model of a school postal service to explore problem solving, understanding audience and purpose (customer service!), planning and presentation.

For pupils that might find a whole day event daunting, a series of ‘lead lessons’ are supplied which help them develop their team working, problem solving and communication skills in preparation for the ‘main event’. Finally, follow up lessons provide literacy activities based on job adverts, CVs and letters; preparation for a job interview and a numeracy activity based on a national postal service. This activity will help students build both skills and confidence as they look towards post 16 choices.

Event 2 - Royal Mail Climate Change Challenge

As part of their commitment to support schools; Royal Mail has produced an excellent curriculum-linked resource raising the awareness about the causes and impacts of our own carbon footprints. This challenge event takes a straightforward, scientific look at climate change and the issues surrounding it. Pulling on resources from across the scientific and industrial communities; the day will encourage students to appreciate the impact they have as individuals to influence business and governments to act responsibly on climate change and other important environmental issues. The projects encourage students to ask questions, collect relevant data/information, interpret evidence and reach valid conclusions. It will help students develop their own understanding and examine the climate impact of their own lives and the activities of the wider community. The programme will include:

  • Practical sessions introducing the ‘Climate Challenge’, arguments and evidence in the changing climate debate
  • Student activities with topical case studies, exploring solutions around global warming, carbon emissions and renewable energy sources in industry, transport and at home
  • Activities developing student’s independent enquiry skills across all subjects, consistent with Personal Learning & Thinking Skills

Waitrose ‘Food for thought’ Enterprise & Employability Skills Challenge

A flexible, cross curricular programme, the Waitrose challenge links to Business Studies, Design & Technology and Enterprise Education supporting key employability & thinking skills. Working in teams students are challenged to develop a new food product taking it from farm to supermarket shelf. Through this fun and challenging day pupils will understand:

  • how food is produced on farms and in factories
  • the human, animal and environmental impact of food production, packaging and transport
  • personal and organisational values and ethics
  • how teams within organisations have to work together to achieve their goals
  • how external events can have an impact on decisions
  • how compromises have to be made to achieve tasks within budget
  • explore new areas of knowledge
  • discuss and debate ethical and commercial issues
  • prepare and present a project plan
  • customer services
  • marketing…

British Soft Drinks Association ‘Liquids Means Life’ Enterprise & Employability Skills Challenge

During this challenge event students will learn about the processes of being involved in producing a new soft drink, appreciate the need for team work & compromise and discover some of the wide ranging careers available in the food and soft drinks sector. Working in teams comprising of production, buyers, technologists and marketers; students work towards the launch of a new soft drink. Choosing from a selection of drinks; they can then select whether they want to launch a ‘green’, ‘value’, ‘fair-trade’ or an ‘organic’ drink. Students will be encouraged as teams to appreciate the value of working together and compromising to achieve a shared objective. This event aims to help deliver your enterprise/employability skills requirements, either though whole school day or smaller classroom activities. These fun resources allow students to discuss and explore many areas including: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), sustainability, the environment, safety & quality, health & well-being, choice & convenience…

Battersea Dogs & Cats Home Enterprise & Employability Skills Challenge

By working through a series of seven sessions the challenge is structured to prompt Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 students to investigate all aspects of running Battersea Dogs & Cats Home before putting together a group presentation on the development and location for their new branch of the Home. In addition to the focus on enterprise skills, the activities deliver cross-curricular learning outcomes and students will have the opportunity to:

  • develop and apply their skills in functional numeracy by calculating budgets and costs
  • apply ICT skills in the use of spreadsheets and group presentations
  • develop independent, personal learning and thinking skills by unpacking and interpreting information
  • be part of a team
  • develop a sense of financial, business and economic understanding by studying the work of the Home

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