Beacon Careers & IAG Adviser

Beacon East can provide your institution with a Level 6 Careers & IAG practitioner from our team of highly experienced advisers. Our advisers provide a flexible service, including ‘face to face’ guidance. This provision is designed to complement other support you may already access from the web or organisations such as Local Authority. We do not adopt a 'one fit all' model. We will listen to your institution’s individual needs to deliver the package you want from our adviser. Our advisers provide a comprehensive range of support; including individual interviews, group work, assemblies, careers fairs, drop in support, careers surgeries, parent evenings, parents forums…Our advisers ensure students make the most of free web resources and diagnostic tools such as Careers Box, Careers Info, Skills Explorer, National Careers Service, icould, National Apprenticeship Service…Through careful planning, the adviser can help year 9 students start to develop ‘individual futures’ profiles. This will outline key areas of careers interest and how to get there with practical advice for all stakeholders i.e. students, teachers and parents. This support can carry on through years 10 and 11 helping each student fine tune and develop their ‘futures’ plan as they near GCSE examinations and crucial post 16 choices. Beacon East services can be further utilised to support your post 16 students; working closely with other key partners/stakeholders such as FE, HE, Work Based Learning providers and employers ensuring students are on the correct life path.

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